Nutrition Counselling Services

Jennifer (Jay) Baum, RD,CDE is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. She can accommodate home visits in the Toronto area. All other visits are conducted online through a secure telehealth platform.

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Pommetta Nutrition provides evidence-based dietary education, intervention, and support.

All services are provided by a registered dietitian and are tailored to your family’s specific nutrition needs.

Let us help you maximize your family’s health potential by building positive eating behaviours and attitudes!

Some Nutrition Concerns That

We Can Help You With:

  • Starting Solids and Baby-Led Weaning

  • Weaning from Breast Milk or Formula

  • Preventing or Overcoming Picky Eating

  • Food Intolerances and Allergies

  • Raising Intuitive Eaters 

  • General Infant & Child Nutrition

  • Family Nutrition & Meal Time Strategies




Starting Solids Package $300



60-Minute Virtual Initial Consultation $185

30-Minute Virtual Follow Up $90



Online Payment Options: Credit or e-transfer








What is Included in a Session?

Initial Appointment:

Complete nutrition assessment including review of health history and food record. Development of nutrition care plan based on realistic advice. 

Follow Up Appointments:

Evaluation of the nutrition care plan including review of your child’s progress, problem-solving and additional advice to help meet your child’s specific nutrition goals. 

Registered Dietitian services are covered under many employee health care plans, extended benefit plans, and health spending accounts.

Official receipts are provided for all Pommetta Nutrition services.

Please contact your insurance provider to confirm eligibility for reimbursement.

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