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I was really nervous when starting to introduce solids to my baby at around 5 months old. Jay was really great to work with and helped me make smart and healthy choices that made me confident and led my baby to be an expert in baby led weaning. She is now 10 months and is now (more or less) a completely independent eater. If it had not been for Jay’s services I probably would have avoided certain foods, which would have obviously limited what I would have given to my baby. I highly recommend Jay’s services!

Jay is truly incredible! Her brilliant approach to feeding our kids and raising intuitive eaters is unparalleled. Her unique background in nutrition, parenting and professional cooking means that Jay totally gets it. When I stumbled upon my own struggles feeding my two toddlers (despite being a professional cook myself), Jay was right there to help. She led one of her amazing Raising Intuitive Eaters workshops for me and a group of moms and it gave me all the tools I needed to overcome my challenges. I love how practical her approach is and how perfectly it fits into our busy lives. Rather than preaching to our kids, creating “villain” foods and setting ourselves and our kids up for power struggles with food, Jay’s approach gives both of us the freedom we need to make balanced choices and enjoy a life long, healthy relationship with food. I highly recommend her classes and services!
Amy Stoddart

I love Jay’s beautiful approach to feeding kids and families. She takes the pressure off family eating. She loves broccoli and chocolate milk. I couldn’t recommend working with Jay more.
Amelia Foubert

Jay’s advice was key when switching my infant from formula into BLW. She made me feel confident and safe and her suggestions about mindful eating are full of common sense and love.
Sabrina Ramirez-Fernandes

Jay’s advice has greatly eased the anxiety that can come from feeding a picky toddler! My child has multiple food allergies, and Jay’s nonjudgmental advice and support have been invaluable. She has taught me how to let go of trying to provide “perfect” snacks for my child, and has helped us both to have fun with meal prep and meal time.

What can I say that could accurately describe Jay? She was so helpful when I was starting my son on baby-led weaning. At first I thought there wouldn’t be much that she could tell me that I couldn’t find on the internet but I was wrong. She gave great advice and she really helped me feel confident in feeding my son and nurturing a good relationship with food. Beyond being an amazing dietitian and fellow mom, she’s an all around wonderful person who truly cares for her clients and is dedicated to nourishing the body as well as the soul. There is no judgement or pressure – she will work with you and your goals. I highly recommend Jay to anyone who needs help with feeding their family.
Mariko M.

I found the workshop really helpful for starting my little one on solids. The information was present[ed] in an easy to follow format and I felt completely comfortable asking Jay any question. She answered all inquires fully and without judgement. I would continue to use her services.
Colleen M

I attended Jay’s group session a few months back. It was perfect timing as I was struggling with my daughter’s eating habits. It was very refreshing and inspiring to hear Jays approach to Food and family meals. What I loved about it most, was it was actually achievable what she was suggesting. From her suggestions my daughter has started eating more of a variety of food, and we eat more often as a family. We also have treats together as well which is nice to enjoy together. Jay provides a great approach to food that’s manageable for a busy family.
Danielle Cooper

I participated in Pommetta Nutrition’s Intuitive eating workshop and have gained invaluable guidance and information to help me feel more confident in feeding my young children. Jay does an excellent job of breaking down the intuitive eating concept and helping families understand how they can set boundaries during meal time while also giving their children independence and fostering their healthy relationship with food. I would highly recommend Jay’s program to any young family or new parent.
Joanna M

[J]ay hosted a workshop for a group of friends surrounding picky eaters and how to foster a positive food culture for your kiddos. Not only was this an interactive and informative session, but she combine it with a girls night social which made it way more fun and relatable. I love her style on how to feed kids and her attitude and genuine passion related to food. I have and will continue to recommend Jay to friends for no [nonsense] advice!

Jay is knowledgeable and caring when it comes to giving advice and recommendations about feeding children and babies. Learning from her has helped me to feel more confident in preparing meals for my children, starting solids with my son and knowing that they are getting the right nutrition and support. She always comes from a loving and non-judgemental space and makes me feel like a normal mom. I highly recommend working with her and adopting her philosophy in your kitchen and daily life.
Lynzie Kent