WOWZA! You all loved my last post with The Original 50 Mealtime Conversations Starters Printable

I cannot believe how many of you downloaded it!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I am thrilled that it was so well received. I am making content to support you. It feels good when I get it right.

So, today I have a little update.

I’ve created an additional printable with 32 Bonus Mealtime Conversation Starters – The Safe At Home Edition.


These conversation starters are meant to reflect the current situation many families are experiencing of being asked to stay at home – the current status for many is observing recommendations to physical distance, self-isolation, shelter at home, quarantine.

The questions are meant to encourage some reflection and gratitude. Bur don’t worry, you can still keep the questions lighthearted but you can use them to dig a bit deeper if you wish. They are conversation STARTERS…what you do with them after you start the conversation is entirely up to you.

Hope you and your family have fun with these ones as well.