I’ve been quiet on social media over the past month #pandemic

There has been an absolute overload of information lately as we are all scrambling to figure out how to cope with our new way of life.

So many of us are just coming up for air after figuring out how to keep our cool while the kids are home 24/7.

Thank you so much to those of you who have reached out and sent me updates, asked me questions, and just checked-in. This community means so much to me.

Overwhelming, the parents I’ve been working with over the past 7 weeks have been struggling to establish some regularity and normalcy in their lives. We’ve been setting really small goals. Working to create some simple routines – essentially establish new habits or maybe return to some old ones.

I’ve been using this Habit Tracker tool with my clients and in my own home.

Some of you may find it useful as well. Grab you copy below.


Have you ever used one? If so, did you find it helpful?

I go through times in my life when I find that they really help me focus my energy and calm my scattered mind.

And let me tell you, my mind is scattered right now. Some days I feel like I am running around in circles trying to stay on top of all of my personal and professional responsibilities plus giving my kiddos some much needed extra loving all while trying to take care of myself . Annnd Imma guessin’ that many of you are feeling similar pressures.

Overwhelmingly, the parents I am working with right now are asking for help setting really small goals and figuring out new routines. So, what we are really talking about is creating new habits.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I want all of us to work on nurturing positive food experiences at home.

BUT. I don’t think that we can do that if we are too scattered and overwhelmed.

In fact I have been “giving permission” to parents to relax their expectations around food. To focus on trust. To put the energy that they do have into enjoying each other’s company.

Kids can’t advance their food selection or eating skills if they are too worried or anxious.

This is not the time for “business as usual.”

My suggestion for using the Habit Tracker:

  • Start small
  • Pick achievable tasks
  • It feels better to knock off a few daily habits
  • It feels bad to overreach and then see a whole lot of empty squares
  • You can always add more habits as you go
  • Think about positives instead of negatives or restrictions
  • Ask yourself, “What can I add to my day that will make me feel good?”

As always…this is just one example of how to do things. If you are happy going with the flow and that is working for you…cool, keep doing that. I am not about “shoulds.” My goal is to make your life easier not harder.

But if you are craving a bit of routine and and some gentle accountability, then maybe this is exactly what you need

If you give it a try, snap a pic and tag me on IG @feeding.kids_intuitive.eating

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