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Toronto registered dietitian services and online programs designed to help you optimize your child’s health and raise adventurous eaters.
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How we can help you nourish your family.

Evidence-Based Strategies to Help You Feed Your Child

Starting Solids

With an emphasis on Baby-Led Weaning. Learn how to honour your child’s hunger & satiety cues.

Picky Eating

Restore meal time peace. Learn to implement the division of responsibility to raise competent and adventurous eaters.

Family Nutrition

Ensure that your whole family is meeting their nutritional needs. Learn skills to make feeding your family simple and enjoyable.

Are Pommetta Nutrition’s Services Right for My Family?

  • Is your baby ready to start solids but you are not sure what foods to offer?
  • Concerned that your child is not getting enough nutrients because they have allergies, intolerances, or only eat a few specific foods?
  • Do meal times at home sometimes feel like a battle?
  • Are you worried that your child doesn’t eat enough vegetables?
  • Want to know how to meet your child’s nutrition needs while following a vegetarian or vegan diet?
  • Do you spend a lot of time cooking food for your family only to be told “yuck”?
  • Are you struggling to come up with meals and snacks that your child will actually eat?
  • Worried because you’ve been told that your child is either gaining weight too slowly or too quickly?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

then Pommetta Nutrition’s services may be for you!

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Why Virtual Appointments?
Well, they are convenient!

As a busy parent, it can be challenging to make it to appointments.

Virtual or phone sessions can save you time and stress!

Pommetta Nutrition uses a secure online telehealth platform for video sessions and messaging between appointments. To find out more, book your free 15-minute discovery call. This introductory session can be done online so you get a feel for how a virtual appointment works.

Helping You Raise Competent and Adventurous Eaters

Registered Dietitian Jennifer (Jay) Baum works with families to promote trust and a positive feeding relationship between parent and child.

Interventions usually involve helping parents establish and maintain a division of responsibility in feeding in order to help children become eating competent.

Halloween Treats and Raising Intuitive Eaters

Halloween Treats and Raising Intuitive Eaters

It’s Halloween! Are you excited about all the candy and fun? Or are you dreading all of the sugar? I have spoken to so many parents this week who are worried about how to handle all of the Halloween treats. So, I created an infographic to help parents switch the flip...

Recess Snacks – Ugh!

Recess Snacks – Ugh!

My son just started grade 1 this September and I am now in all new territory when it comes to school snacks. In kindergarten, there was a snack program. Parents paid a suggested fee twice a year and the rest was taken care of for them. (I had a bit more...